Here are some of the routes I’ve used in my chartplotter along with a date that the route was used.

These routes were created using RosePoint Coastal Explorer and converted to the .gpx files listed below.  I then import these files into Garmin’s HomePort software where I create the .adm files used in a Garmin Chartplotter.

While these files are created based on updated electronic charts, these routes may need modification due to changes in the waterways and/or the users preferences for routing, water depth, marine traffic, etc.  Feel free to use them at your own risk as the basis for creating your own routes. – June 2015 – Approximately a 39nmi path from Essex Island Marina, Essex CT to Hartford CT.

Essex to – June 2015 – A 45 nmi route from Essex, CT to the bascule bridge on the Housatonic River in Devon, CT.  A long, fairly straight run.

Milford to – June 2015 – A 9.5 nmi route from the bascule bridge in Devon to Milfor Lisman Marina in Milford, CT.

Essex to – June 2015 – A 40 nmi route from Essex, CT to the Milford Lisman marina in Milford, CT.  This route is a bit more scenic than since it stays a bit closer to the South coast of Connecticut.