Pilgrimage to Burlington, WA

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Pilgrimage to Burlington, WA

Despite a rainy, hazy, grim-looking day, we made our way up to Burlington to visit the Nordic Tugs Factory. The day started with a visit to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle – well worth the visit.  This museum focuses on the emigration of people from five Nordic countries who settled in the Pacific Northwest and on  their experiences entering the United States.  The first floor focuses on life abroad and on the travel to the United States.  The third floor focuses on each individual nation.  Highly recommended if you’re in the area.

Once we finished our tour of the museum and headed North towards Burlington.

A couple of days earlier, I remembered that Enemy Glory had the AIS transponder I pulled from Waning Moon on board.  Assuming that AIS coverage around Anacortes was good, that meant MarineTraffic.com should have the AIS track that was collected from the Enemy Glory’s sea trial.  Sure enough, the data was there.  The track from her sea trial is below:


When we got to the Nordic Tugs factory, we met Cory Gracey, who showed us the various assembly areas and described a number of the assembly details.  The day ended with us finally getting aboard Enemy Glory to see how all the details we’ve been going over for the past few months had come out.  In a word, breathtaking.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  My thanks to all those who spent days and weeks climbing in, out, over, and through her during construction.

We finished our tour with a brief photo op.


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