In doing my research, I found many links to dealers/distributors that sell a wide variety of goods to the boating and/or RV community.  I found relatively few links that actually talked about what works, and works well, given the unique constraints of boating.  As I find good links, they’ll show up here.


  • The Boat Galley – www.theboatgalley.com – Hundreds of articles about all things related to a boat’s galley.  This site contains a lot of very interesting perspective and some great suggestions for outfitting galley and table.  We bought a copy of the cookbook and have been working through the recipes shore-side to get a feel for how they might work out on the water – so far so good!
    • Note: Now that we’ve been working through a number of the recipes in the cookbook, we find that many, as written, come out a bit bland for our tastes.  So, we started doubling the spices listed in most recipes.  With that modification, most come out just about right for us.
  • The Galley Kitchen: Boat – Yes, the title is a little nonsensical in its usage of nautical terms, but there are some ideas and recipes here.  The main site has lots of recipes ranging from very good to ‘eh.’