Nordic Tugs

This page contains links specific to Nordic Tug-related resources.  These are links I found helpful when researching Nordic Tugs.


  • Nordic Tugs – – Homepage for Nordic Tugs

Nordic Tugs Owner Groups

There are several regional Owner’s Associations dedicated to Nordic Tugs.  These sites contain information about upcoming rendezvous, as well as information about maintenance, tips and tricks, and a host of other interesting material.  Lots of great reading to learn from other owners.

  • NENTOA – – NorthEast Nordic Tug Owners’ Association
  • GLANTOA – – Great Lakes Area Nordic Tug Owners Association
  • SENTOA – – Southeast Nordic Tug Owner’s Association
  • PANNTOA – – Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association
  • SFBANTA – – San Francisco Bay Area Nordic Tug Association

Nordic Tug Reviews

Magazine Reviews

Owner’s Blogs

  •  The Beer’s Great Loop Trip Aboard Humbug – A blog dedicated to the Beer’s trip around the Great Loop.  In fact, I was scheduled to visit Humbug when she was listed at the brokerage after the Beer’s adventure.  Alas, the day before I was to sea test her, she was sold to someone who got there the day before me.  Nontheless, the new owner was happy to let Karen and I take her out on the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound (many thanks Tony!).  It was that experience that sold me on the NT39.
  • Nordic Tug 39: Designed for a Carefree Life AboardJune 6th 2011 review by Tom Tripp at
  • Adiago – – A Blog dedicated to Adiago, a Nordic Tug 34.
  • Why a Nordic Tug – A blog comparing and contrasting the Nordic Tug with the American Tug, Ranger, Beneteau Swift and Helmsman.
  • At Last – A short blog about adventures on an NT32.
  • MV Blue Yonder – Nantucket – A blog about adventures in a Nordic Tug on the Great Loop.
  • – We met Linda and Ellen on their Nordic Tug NT37 Mercy at the 2015 NENTOA rendezvous in Essex, CT.