Back to our home port!

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July 17-18 we attended our first Nordic Tug rendezvous at the Essex Island Marina, in Essex, CT.  Enemy Glory was still there, at the Wilde Yachts dock, so we kept our normal routine and headed down by car, and joined the group.  This rendezvous was a great place to meet the folks from the Northeast Nordic Tug Owner’s Association (NENTOA) as well as a few folks up from Florida and other places outside New England.  It was great meeting everyone.

On Sunday, there were two NENTOA cruises, one 3 week cruise headed to Maine and another 2 week cruise headed for Narragansett Bay (Newport was the first stop).  Since both were headed East, we tagged along and parted ways when we turned North to head up the West Passage.

It was great to be in a flotilla of tugs, even though most of the trip was through fog, leaving us with 1/8-1/4 mile visibility.  Other than on the AIS and RADAR, we had very few glimpses of the other tugs in our flotilla.

However they were there, and through radio contact we kept track of each other and any hazards we found on the water.  I had two shark sightings along the way, one in Fisher Island Sound and another in Block Island Sound.  On the second there was enough visibility to swing around and try to get some pictures.  The NT37 Mercy noticed our change of direction and quickly radioed in to make sure we were OK – we assured them we were fine and just sidetracked to see if we could get some video.  Unfortunately just as we got in position the shark dove and surfaced a ways away so we didn’t get our pictures.

It wasn’t until we got to the Jamestown bridge that we could turn off the lights and foghorn.

While it wasn’t a very picturesque journey, it was an uneventful one ending with us meeting our new neighbors at the dock.


  1. Welcome back, Bill and Karen.

    • It’s good to be back! I’m looking forward to trading the 90 minute commute we’ve been making to the boat for the 40 minute one we’ll have now that she’s back!

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