M/Y Enemy Glory is a Nordic Tug NT39 which my wife and I will be spending the next several years taking on excursions long and short.  Over the next few years, We’ll be traveling primarily locally in the New England area and, once (if ever) we decide to retire, we’ll be taking on extended journeys.  This page is dedicated to getting to know her, and to recording our experiences as we explore the New England seacoast.  This site will be a running log on travels, maintenance, experiences, and all the various facets of boating in and around New England.

Enemy Glory is a Nordic Tug NT39.  I did a lot of research into various boats before selecting her – she’s a major change compared to the fishing boats, runabouts and express cruisers I was familiar with.  Our previous boat was a Monterrey 260SCR Sport Cruiser – she served us well, and was a reliable, well-made, fun boat.  Our boating activities were migrating towards longer journeys – eventually focusing on things like trips to Nova Scotia, the Erie Canal, Great Lakes and Great Loop.  We knew the Monterrey wouldn’t  be livable enough for those sorts of excursions, so we decided to investigate other boats.

So, we started researching more livable vessels.  Boats like the Kady-Krogen, Nordhaven, Beneteau, Great Harbors, Nordic Tug, and others.  All were fine vessels, all had many strengths and few weaknesses – thanks to all who allowed me aboard a number of boats and who endured my endless requests for information.

During my search, a few vessels seemed to consistently end up on my “short-list.”  Specifically, the Kady-Krogen 44, Nordhaven 40, and Nordic Tug 39.  I’d been on both the Kady-Krogen and the Nordhaven, and was looking forward to an upcoming boat show where I could see the Nordic Tug first-hand.  Then, on one weekend excursion we happened to stay in a marina in Essex, CT.  Walking to dinner from the boat I spotted a number of Nordics at the Wilde Yachts dealer.  Very nice looking boats – even the older ones appeared to have held up very well with age.

Alas, the dealership was closed, but early the following week I was able to schedule a visit to the boats in the yard and then a sea trial – it was a wonderful experience (thank you Tony/Humbug) that ended with me ultimately signing off on a purchase agreement for the NT39  to become “Enemy Glory.

Enemy Glory.  What’s in a name?  Plenty.

Most I’ve encountered seem to like the name – it’s a tad provocative and, for me deeply meaningful.  At a superficial level, it hangs together nicely – sounds good on the radio.  More specifically, the phrase was coined by my wife, author of the Enemy Glory series of literary fantasy novels.  I won’t offer any deeper meanings here, but if you like you can visit her website at www.enemyglory.com.